Electrical Safety Checks in Your Home


Lethal electrical accidents occur often within the home due to the lack of knowledge on electrics. 2.5million people aged 15+ get electric shocks per year, whilst 350,000 people receive serious electric injuries each year. It is important to keep you and your family safe, here are a few visual electric checks you can carry out regularly to ensure that your home is safe:

• Look out for overload socket – This can put pressure on your socket and allow them to set on fire or explode. Never plug another extension into another extension lead, it is advised that you should only use one extension per socket.
• Remove or repair any damaged or torn cables around your home – Damaged cables can lead to electrocution and malfunction to any electrical devices it is connected to. It is important to get these removed or replaced after detected.
• Never take mains-powered equipment into your bathroom – Bringing portable electrical devices could lead to serious injuries and even deaths. Water and electricity are not an ideal mix, wet skin reduces the body resistance and can make the electrocution even worse.
• Never trail wires or cables under your carpet – Installing wires under carpet is not a good idea ad is not suggested. If the wire has people frequently walking and rolling objects over it, when the wire becomes damaged you will not be aware. The damaged wire will overheat and start a fire which could spread quickly across the entire room.

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Keep Safe!