Fuse Board Installation and Replacement in Warminster

Fuse Board Installations

If you currently have an old style Fuseboard, it will need to be replaced so it meets 17th edition regulations.

In order for your home’s electrical supply to be safe and work efficiently, it is essential that it is checked and replaced if needed. It is also vital that your earthing and bonding meet the required standards.By upgrading it you’ll be better protected against electric shock.

As well as installs, I can find faults or increase the electrical capacity of your Fuseboard to support more appliances fuse board

Safety first

Fuseboard upgrades have to be carried out to meet Part P of the Building Regulations. I’m an accredited electrician and fully qualified to carry out Fuseboard installations to current safety standard. I’ll ensure that your new Fuseboard is tested properly and working as it should be after installation.